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Aesthetic surgery
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Aesthetic surgery

Correcting scars from accidents, burns or operations – however the scars in the face got there, they are not easy to hide. Those affected frequently suffer and often feel they are disfigured. The most modern methods of plastic facial surgery, gentle operating techniques and careful planning allow us to correct even facial scars.

However, an essential precondition is that the scar has been allowed to rest for 12 months. Depending on the type, size and position of the scar as well as the necessity extent of surgical correction, we have several methods at our disposal, which we choose depending on the case. Dr. Loretan will take his time to discuss all this with you and explain all the opportunities and risks. Scar correction operations are carried out both in our practice and in the Spital Wallis (link to partner). Beds will be ready for our patients there and we can make use of the full range of clinical care.

Eyelid lift

A look says more than many words – a truth that still applies today. It's even more important then that our look can also say what we want it to. But over the years our eyes often lose their radiance; the eyelid can slacken and fatty tissue, so-called under-eye bags, can form beneath the eye. Based on our many years of experience, we can use the eyelid lift with a small operation to achieve a great, naturally beautiful and fresh effect. In a comprehensive advance discussion, we will explain the details of this outpatient operation to you, as well as possible risks and alternatives.

Lip correction

The wish to have fuller, more sensual lips, the unease when the pleating on the upper lip increases (perioral wrinkles) or the dissatisfaction with asymmetry or an "unsightly" Cupids bow – we can undertake lip correction very gently and without surgery thanks to the endogenous lip filler hyaluronic acid. We place a great value on the highest quality of the materials used and in our practice we do not use any synthetic substances such as for example silicon.

Chin correction

We can correct the form and contour of the chin to achieve a beautiful and attractive profile. Receding chin or double chin – thanks to the modern options of chin correction, we can emphasise or reduce the chin and reduce individual deposits of fat with a small operation. We will of course give you comprehensive advice on the treatment, in detail and taking our time.

Further aesthetic treatments

Further treatments round off our range of aesthetic treatment services. For example, the professional medical injection under wrinkles with muscle-relaxing botulinum toxin and endogenous hyaluronic acid. Professional laser depilation of facial hair, together with a laser therapy to remove haemangiomas (strawberry marks) complete our range of aesthetic treatment services.